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Cultivate 2018 Recap

  Well another year is over and the hustle and bustle of Cultivate never disappoints. Cultivate is one of our favourite shows of the year and essentially is reunion that allows us the opportunity to catch up with with customers, friends and colleagues.   What was new this year? So here’s the recap:   Bellpark…

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AutoStix Wins 2018 GreenTech Innovation Award

Winner GreenTech Innovation Award 2018: AutoStix – Visser Horti Systems We are proud to announce that AutoStix has won the 2018 GreenTech Innovation Award. AutoStix was introduced as a new open source system that automates the planting of cuttings. It creates efficiency in nurseries using a patented transplanter with the aid of biodegradable strips that house…

Dehumidification units

Dehumidification units transform any operation into a semi-closed system

From Hortidaily: Original Story Link Closed and more recently, semi-closed greenhouse growing are much discussed new ways of cultivating as efficient as possible. While, depending on the location and application the system has a lot of major advantages over traditional greenhouse growing in terms of energy saving and crop enhancement, the high investment is sometimes…

Visser 50th Anniversary Open House Celebrations

Visser 50th Anniversary Open House Celebrations

On June 12th to 16th, Visser invited growers from around the World to an Open House, to help them to celebrate 50 years of proudly serving the horticulture industry. This exciting event featured 40 Visser machines, with multiple operating demonstrations with question and answer sessions. The open house also featured 13 seminars on various horticultural…

Bellpark Horticulture Announces DryGair Partnership

Bellpark Horticulture Announces DryGair Partnership

Bellpark Horticulture is very proud to announce our recent partnership with DryGair Dehumidification Systems.

DryGair offers the best dehumidification solutions for growers on the market. Their patented design and unique dehumidification process not only improves the quality and yield of crops, but also minimizes diseases while reducing the need for pesticides.

Visser Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter

Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter

Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter Visser has developed a new transplanter named the Pic-O-Mat Vision. The Pic-O-Mat Vision is capable of transplanting a destination pack, even when the source trays do not contain 100% perfect plants. It is equipped with a new type of gripper which is capable of digitally imaging the plant while it is held…