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CM 200 – Coco Mill


Up to now coir processing has been a slow process or carried out using brute force which breaks up the compressed blocks. This can damage the fibers and does not incorporate the necessary moisture in the coir to decompress properly. Proper moisture is required before filling and planting.

The Logitec Plus Coco Mill CM200 provides a solution for substrate producers and large nurseries to rehydrate large volumes of coir fully automatically. The coir blocks are gently tumbled inside the CM200 while water is added to rehydrate the blocks into the desired moisture percentage.

The CM200 is a compact system to moisturize and loosen compressed coir blocks fully automatically without damaging the structure of the material. Little water is needed for processing and no dust is released.

The Logitec Coco Mill can be supplied in various configurations. From a simple manual system to fully automatic. An optional touch screen control panel will allow for perfect moisture control and the possibility of recipe building. Coir blocks are filled automatically into the Coir Mill using a special pallet lift.

Advantages of The Logitec Coco Mill:

  • Product can be loaded directly from the shipping pallet, therefore less risk of cross-contamination or diseases.
  • Machine can be used indoors, which allows production to continue in any weather.
  • Material is moisturized before being loosened which helps maintain the structure of the coir material.
  • Can be used for all types of Coir Blocks.
  • No dust forming.
  • Low water usage by recycling back into the mill.
  • The Coir processing line can be operated with one person.
  • Possibility to add additives to the coir and mix inline using Logitec’s soil mixing components.
  • Full Service, parts, and support available within North America.

For more information, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

*Note: Our coir processors use water to gently hydrate the coir. This specialized method naturally moisturizes instead of using brute force which can damage the coir fibres.

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