Logitec Plus – DB40 Peat Moss Bale Processor

Logitec Plus


Peat Moss Bale Processor


The Big-bale DB40 provides a perfect solution for processing compressed big-bales of up to 2,60m high. The DB40 brings back the original volume of the substrate to what it was before compression, without affecting the structure of the substrate. The DB40 is easy to move with a pallet jack or forklift. It is also low on maintenance and can be equipped with many options to make production easier and more efficient.


The DB40 is compatible with almost all brands of potting machines and fillers.


For more information about the Peat Moss and Bale Processor, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.


  • Mobile
  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Simple, safe operations
  • Compatible with Big-bales of footprint 0.8 to 1.2 x 1.2 and 2.25 m high and with extension plates (option) to 2.60 m high.
  • High dosing capacity of Big-bale of 1 x 1.2 x 2.2 m (LxWxH) in around 8 minutes with a frequency controller (option) in around 6 minutes.
  • Great Structural Integrity
  • Low weight (1,080-1,280 kg)
  • Low Depreciation
  • Compatible with all types of potting machines and tray fillers
  • Easily moved by palette jack or fork-lift
  • Available in various voltages