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With over 20 years in the horticulture industry, KG Systems is one of the leading providers of custom greenhouse table systems, grow tables, & internal transport systems. With over 2000 projects in over 45 nations, KG Systems has the experience and the knowledge that you can trust for your next project!


KG Systems has been manufacturing benching systems & greenhouse table systems in the horticulture industry for over 20 years. Regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of horticultural benches in the commercial agriculture industry; KG Systems offers proven solutions for all types of benching – single or multi-level, automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.

All applications require a personal approach and effective collaboration. In addition to providing durable and well-designed structures, KG Systems is able to consistently offer a lower cost per square foot and higher quality compared to its competitors.

KG Systems is the North American leader in Greenhouse Table Systems.

KG Roll Top Benches

Stationary & Roll-Top Benches

Roll-Top benching systems or fixed benches are the perfect solution for any indoor facility or greenhouse grower. These benches are available in 4’, 5’ & 6’ widths & any custom lengths. They are suitable for both small & large-sized operations. Rolling benches conserve valuable space & provide the perfect working height. KG roll-top benches are also equipped with an anti-tumble feature for the safety of your workers.

KG Benches with Gutters

Benches with Gutters

Gutters provide extremely uniform irrigation channels and are great for recirculating water or drain-to-waste systems. The spacing distance between the plants can be standardized by applying a gutter system which can be combined with an automated watering system. Pathways can be minimized, or even eliminated, and access to plants increased; all while providing optimal airflow conditions.

KG-Systems Multi Tier

Multi-Layer Benching Systems

Multi-layer benching systems provide the benefit of optimizing the usable space of your facility. By placing multiple layers above each other the grower may double or triple the number of square meters available for canopy space. This is especially attractive to facilities with limited square footage, or if growers just want to get the most out of their space. Multi-tier benches are available in both rolling or stationary options.

Mobile Container Systems

KG Systems takes pride in designing custom systems for any nursery. Their Mobile Container Systems offer an advanced controlled growing environment. The benching systems are a true “labor saver” as the plants can be spaced any way in the growing area to ensure optimum grow space utilization. The KG Mobile Container System is available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic setup.

An ebb and flood irrigation system in the table allows the plants to be watered from the bottom. The system provides the exact water for the plants while leaving the leaves and the flowers dry.

KG Systems mobile container package includes the complete ebb and flood systems that are designed exclusively by KG Systems. The tables are available with aluminum bottom tables or irrigation mats.

KG Systems takes great pride in offering top-quality products for growers.

Conveyor Tracks
Conveyor Tracks
Mobile Containers
Mobile Containers
EBB & Flood Bottoms
EBB & Flood Bottoms
Mesh Bottoms
Mesh Bottoms
KG Systems Aluminium Bottom Tables
Aluminium Bottom Tables
Water Supply System
Water Supply System

Reasons to choose KG- Greenhouse Table Systems & Bellpark Horticulture

  • Quality manufactured table benching systems
  • Dedicated & knowledgable project managers
  • Complete turnkey projects & solutions
  • Over 50 Years Experience in Table Systems
  • Bellpark Horticulture North Americian sales & support
  • Factory trained technicians available with 24/7 support.

Easy Installation

Best Quality Benches for Healthy Plants

Cost Effective

Multi-Layer Systems Optimize the Usable Space of your Facility

Quality Aluminum Tables

Benches with Gutters are Great for Recirculating or as a Waste Drain

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