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CM100 Coco Mill


The Logitec Plus Coco Mill CM100 is specially designed for the loosening of compressed coir blocks. The CM100 moisturizes and breaks the blocks automatically. Because the breaking of the blocks is mainly done by adding water there is no loss of structure and the original volume (as it was before compression) is regained.

Coir is being used more often in modern horticulture due to the excellent breeding characteristics and good availability of the material. Coir is thought to be one of the most important growing media of the future. By compressing the material into blocks, coir can be shipped economically worldwide.

Up to now coir processing has been a slow process or carried out using brute force which breaks up the compressed blocks. This can damage the fibers and does not incorporate the necessary moisture in the coir to decompress properly. Proper moisture is required before filling and planting. The Logitec Plus Coco Mill has been developed to moisturize and break up the compressed blocks in the proper way. The mill brings the coir back to its original state with the desired moisture level. The mill gently decompresses the coir using moisture control and a specialized screen. The special screen only releases the coir that is properly processed. The process is done at a rate of about 12m3 per hour (around 16 cubic yards).

The Logitec Plus Coco Mill CM100 is available in a manual and semi-automatic version. From the control unit the start, stop, and run (only semi-automatic) times of the individual components can be set.

Advantages of the Logitec Plus Coco Mill:

  • Machine can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Material is loosened mainly by the moisture which helps maintain the structure of the coir material.
  • Maximum output volume. (no volume is lost during processing)
  • Can be used for all types of coir blocks.
  • No dust forming.
  • Low water usage.
  • The Coir processing line can be operated with one person.
  • Possibility to add additives to the coir and mix inline using Logitec’s soil mixing components.

For more information, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

*Note: Our coir processors use water to gently hydrate the coir. This specialized method naturally moisturizes instead of using brute force which can damage the coir fibers.

Logitec Plus Coco Mill CM100

CM100 Featured with Optional Semi-Automatic Infeed Belt