Mayer Pot Robot TR-4103


Mayer Pot Robot TR-4103


Mayer’s Pot Robot TR 4103 is a powerful pot handling system, essential for efficiently producing high volumes. The latest version of the TR 4103 pot robot from Mayer elevates the whole process of filling and conveying pots to a new level in automation.

In this system, efficiency and precision go hand in hand. The TR 4103 is a quiet operation that effectively displays both power and accuracy as it places pots on mobile benches, trailers, or collating conveyors (PLC-controlled). As an automatic distribution center, it offers improved processing potential, ideally suited to powerful, large volume potting machines. With its durable 5.7″ touch screen it is easy to program and input data.

Thanks to an extensive assortment of accessories we are in a position to offer you customized solutions for special purposes.

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Technical data
Pot size 8 to 16/25 cm Ø
Performance up to 7000 pots/h
Fork width up to 1600 mm
Transport dimensions 2.75 x 1.00 x 2.11 m
Weight 460 kg
Accessories Additional movement of fork, fork for placing/taking off pots, collecting bar, potentiometer, air blower unit for conveyor belt, additional switch cabinet for connecting more than one automatic placer, sensor controlled drive for container movement, variety of conveyor belts