Mayer PT-5000 Wide Belt


PT-5000 Wide Belt



The Mayer PT-5000 Wide Belt is guaranteed to maximize your pot and tray handling process.

The PT-5000 Wide Belt boasts a durable design and construction: the base of the table consists of high-quality profile system aluminum, a stable multi-layer belt cover, coated drive and deflection roller, and a substructure made of weather-resistant galvanized sheet metal.

The buffer table can be customized to meet your needs and integrated into your new or existing facility, it is available in a length of 5m to 12m and a width of 2m (special dimensions on request).

The push-over unit is available with a straight bar or with a custom-made template. Optionally, the template is also available with a pneumatic cylinder to push over the pots in a triangle formation. The standard width of the push-over unit is 30cm, optionally up to 40cm is possible. Another great feature of the PT-5000 is the double bearing of the push-over unit ensures maximum stability; especially with heavy pots.

The pre-collection belt is optionally available with a clocked 850mm collector belt, a belt with pneumatic stop cylinders, or a mechanical clicker system. The control system and control cabinet are equipped with a touch screen with Industry 4.0 connection – which allows intuitive handling and easy programming of additional pot sizes. In addition, there is a storage of the performance data for evaluation and the data can be mirrored on your smartphone or tablet.


Features & Benefits:

  • Buffer table:
    • High-quality durable belt
    • Coated drive and idler pulley
    • Substructure made of weather-resistant galvanized sheet metal
    • Starting aids for forklift trucks
  • Push over unit:
    • Push-over unit with a straight bar or custom-made template
    • Optionally with pneumatic cylinders for pot positioning
    • Double bearings for maximum stability with heavy pots
    • Buffer belt available in width up to 40cm
  • Pre-collection belt

    • Clocked 850mm collector belt
    • Belt with pneumatic stop cylinders
    • Mechanical clicker system
  • Control cabinet:
    • Touchscreen with Industry 4.0 connection
    • Easy programming of additional pot sizes
    • Mirroring of data to smartphone or tablet
    • Storage of the performance data for evaluation
  • Available:
    • Length: 5.00 to 12.00m
    • Width: 2.00m
    • For pots and trays
    • Special dimensions upon request


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