Mayer TM-2400DR Potting Machine


TM-2400DR Potting Machine

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The Mayer TM-2400DR potting machine is capable of using a wide range of pot sizes and reaching peak speeds of up to 7,000 pots per hour.

The TM-2400DR potting machine features innovative technology with ergonomic handling. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via the control panel. The newly designed soil hopper provides greater efficiency and prevents tunnel formation of the substrate eliminating operator intervention.

The outstanding quality of the potting machine guarantees top planting quality. Featuring a constant central precision hole drill, the TM-2400DR is the perfect solution and plant quality.

With the TM-2400DR, Mayer offers their customers a new optional touch-screen system to make controlling the machine even easier. The Mayer TM-2400DR can even be controlled by an app on your smartphone.

System Features

  • As an upgrade the speed of both turntable and elevator can easily be adjusted.
  • Any malfunctions will be displayed and logged.
  • The pot counter records the total number of pots processed as well as the hourly output.
  • Automatic custom programming allowing you to set a predetermined number of filled pots.


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