Mayer TM-2400E Potting Machine


TM-2400E Potting Machine


The Mayer TM-2400E potting machine can reach peak speeds of 4000 pots per hour. With its innovative technology, the TM-2400E is coupled with ergonomic handling. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via the control panel within the working area. Greater efficiency is also ensured by the new construction of the soil hopper, which prevents tunnel formation when conveying substrate and makes manual intervention unnecessary.

The TM-2400E is an extremely flexible machine that is capable of handling a wide range of pot sizes and achieve performances of up to 7000 pots per hour. The outstanding quality of the potting machine guarantees top planting quality. Featuring a constant central precision hole drill, the TM 2400 E is the perfect solution and plant quality.

With the TM-2400E potting machine, Mayer offers its customers a new optional touch-screen system to make controlling the machine even easier. The TM-2400E can even be controlled by an app on your smartphone.


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  • 4000 pots/hour
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy changeover to different pot sizes
  • Substrate conveyed without harm to its structure.
  • High safety standard (e.g. 2 emergency OFF switches).
  • Creates perfectly central planting holes for optimum planting quality.
  • Can be used for all pot sizes with diameters between 8 and 24/26 cm.
  • Can be used with standard or special drills.
  • Flexible arrangement of conveyor belt at 8 positions around the turntable.
  • Compatible with all popular automation and further transplanting systems.
  • Large variety of different configurations with accessories.
  • Intelligently constructed soil hopper prevents tunnel or bridge formation in the soil supply (protected by patents).

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