Mayer TM-2700 Potting Machine


TM-2700 Potting Machine



The Mayer TM-2700 Potting Machine is designed to be a robust high-performance potting machine with a production performance of up to 10,000 pots per hour.

The potting console offers enough space for up to 5 persons to pot or for a transplanter. It includes 18 (Version M) / 22 (Version L) / 26 (Version XL) ‘VarioFix’ pot holders, the height and diameter of which can be quickly and easily set. The pot stability that this achieves allows continual working. The fixed pot support level means there is no need to adjust take-off conveyors.

The adjustability of the individual pot holders means they do not need exchanging for each pot size and thus saves their costly acquisition and space-consuming storage.

The exact pot track movement is guaranteed by a special, high-performance belt that is low-wear and low-maintenance. The pot holders that are fixed to this belt by force-locking are also supported in the outer track, thus preventing tipping. The speed is infinitely adjustable via a potentiometer, as with a chain elevator.

The ingenious curving of the switch cylinder guarantees a smooth drive without jolts. This retains the desired drill pattern, which is an important prerequisite for trouble-free working with transplanters and with large plant root balls.

The unique 2-stage soil re-circulation protects the substrate structure and protects the machine from wear. The excess substrate at filling is fed directly back to the soil hopper after the drilling process and thus does not travel along the entire potting track.


For more information about Mayer’s TM-2700 Potting Machine, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.


  • Long console offers enough potting space for up to 5 persons or a transplanter
  • Smoothest possible operation and precision, even at high production rates
  • The ‘VarioFix’ pot holders can be adjusted quickly and easily in height and diameter without exchange
  • Fixed pot support level means there is no need to adjust take-off conveyors
  • Perfectly centred planting holes for smooth work with a transplanter, resulting in the highest planting quality
  • Wide range of pot sizes and types can be used from 2.8”-11.8” (7-30 cm)
  • High performance of up to 10,000 pots/hour (in the quadruple version)