Mayer WT-8000 Irrigation Tunnel

MayerWT-8000 Irrigation Tunnel


With the new Mayer WT-8000 Irrigation Tunnel, we are taking a further step towards full automation of the entire planting process.

The irrigation tunnel waters both round and square pots with pinpoint accuracy as they pass through on a conveyor belt. Thanks to light barriers and adjustable water nozzles, maximum performance and efficiency are achieved with the irrigation tunnel. The amount of water can be adjusted individually thanks to our innovative touch screen control.
Due to the careful design, almost 100% of the water that is not absorbed by the plants is collected and reused. Of particular note is the removable side panel, which greatly simplifies the cleaning of the machine. In addition, all contact surfaces are made of stainless steel.

The optional Mayer conveyor belt is available in various lengths and widths. On request, we can customize the conveyor belt according to your requirements.

The Mayer WT-8000 Irrigation Tunnel can easily be integrated as a module into a production line with potting machines.


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