PC-31 Greenline Transplanter

PC-31 Greenline Transplanter


The PC-31 Greenline Transplanter is capable of transplanting larger batches at impressive speeds. Smaller batches can be transplanted with the PC-31 Greenline without any mechanical adjustments. The PC-31 Greenline has taken the next technological step using high-resolution position feedback and servo control: creating high accuracy at high speed.

This medium-sized transplanter is designed for growers looking for a flexible, reliable, and fast transplanter, meeting the diverse planting needs of today’s growers. Almost every combination can be programmed easily using a touch screen with intuitive icons. Its unique design makes the machine compact and easy to use in almost every situation.

The PC-31 Greenline transplanter is equipped with servo driven Visser grippers which give high flexibility and high capacity. This enables you to switch products with just one tap on the touch screen and no mechanical adjustments are needed. The highly reliable and proven Visser grippers guarantee a perfect planting result.

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