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Perfect Planter


The Visser Perfect Planter is the new innovation in transplanting. The Perfect Planter is capable of transplanting a destination pack, even when the source trays do not contain 100% perfect plants.

It is equipped with a new type of gripper which is capable of digitally imaging the plant while it is held in the gripper. This new high definition vision system can then decide if the plant meets the selected quality criteria. This process ensures that bad plants and/or empty plugs will be discarded and only the best quality plant matches will be transplanted.

The Perfect Planter system automatically determines the position of the grippers to ensure that the destination pack will be 100% filled with perfect plants.

This transplanter is a true labour saver and eliminates any need for gapping up plants behind the transplanter.

The Perfect Planter can achieve up to 800 planting cycles per hour, per gripper. It is available in 12, 16 or 24 grippers.


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