Visser Space-O-Mat System

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Space-O-Mat System


The Visser Space-O-Mat System is an efficient system for the transport and spacing of pots and trays. The Space-O-Mat system reduces labor and costs, by creating a space between the pots with our patented spacing fork. It is designed to automate the entire potting and transportation process.


The Space-O-Mat line starts with filling the pots automatically. After, the pots will be transported by an output conveyor towards the buffer belt, where the pots will be collected and picked up with a truck and a fork. To be able to pick up the pots with a fork, the pots must be positioned very precisely. Visser uses a custom-made push over template to acquire this precision. Because of the very precise positioning of the pots, the truck driver won’t have any problems picking up the pots/trays with a fork.



  • Efficient
  • Labor saving
  • Precise
  • Proven worldwide

For more information about Visser’s Space-O-Mat System, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

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