Mayer TM-1010F Potting Machine


TM-1010F Potting Machine


The Mayer TM-1010F Potting Machine is a high-performance machine with great flexibility. It can consistently fill pots accurately while drilling perfect centred holes to allow for perfect planting conditions. The TM-1010F sets the horticulture industry standard in both technology and performance.

Consistent quality

Outstanding planting quality requires near perfect conditions for growing. The TM-1010F potting machine creates these conditions effectively by consistently drilling accurate centred planting holes while filling to perfect compaction levels. The exact position and movement of the pots is fully synchronized. The TM-1010F features a high degree of mechanical precision to ensure the best filling quality.

Maximum Productivity

Increased productivity is important for growers. The TM-1010F has a central adjustable pot holder which reduces set-up times when changing to different pot sizes. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via the control panel. Additional frequency converters for a soil conveyor, drill motor and conveyor belt are available as added options.

Variety of pot sizes

The TM 1010F can fill pots with diameters of between 1.97″ to 11.81″ or 5 cm to 30 cm. can be processed.

TM-1010F Flexibility

The conveyor belt can be connected at 8 different positions on the turntable for the highest possible degree of ergonomics and efficiency. This enables several members of staff to pot simultaneously if required.


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