Mayer TM-1810 Potting Machine


TM-1810 Potting Machine


If you are looking for a potting machine that can provide a simple, efficient operation Mayer’s TM-1810 potting machine is exactly what you want. The TM 1810 potting machine features separate drives for the turntable and soil conveyor making operating and maintenance very easy.


For more information about Mayer’s TM-1810 Potting Machine, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us.

Key Benefits of the TM-1810

  • Compatible with the most common automation systems
  • Structure-preserving substrate promotion
  • Pot outlet 180 ° around the turntable possible
  • Meets safety standard according to current EC directives
  • Soil conveyor has two speed levels
  • Open ground bunker for different filling possibilities
  • Central adjustment of pot sizes for round and square pots
  • Separate, stepless mechanical control of slewing ring and earth conveyor
  • Single-stage drill motor with left and right-hand rotation
  • Slewing ring in the smooth T16 round system
Technical Data
Pot Size5 to 22 cm1.96" to 8.66"
Outputup to 3,600 pots/hour
Soil Hopper1,250 litres330 Gallons
Transport Dimensions3.60 x 1.70 x 1.75 m141.73" X 66.93" X 68.90"
Weight880 kg1940 lbs
AccessoriesFertilizer dispenser, pot dispenser with storage belt, conveyor belts.