Mayer TM-2432 Potting Machine


TM-2432 Potting Machine


Mayer’s TM-2432 Potting Machine has a very wide range of uses. It can process pot and containers with the diameters of 3.5” – 12.6”  (9 – 32cm). This is especially useful to nurseries and others who require such versatility.

The 14-piece turntable and elevator are remotely controlled as is usual for Mayer’s potting machines. Depending on your needs you can also frequency-control many of the other features such as the drill motor, elevator, and turntable stop and the soil control on the elevator.

Benefits of the TM-2432 Potting Machine:

  • Has a wide range of uses, especially suitable for tree nurseries
  • Smooth movement of the turntable even at top production rates
  • Perfectly centered planting holes for top plant quality
  • Great range of pot sizes and types can be used (round and square pots, pots for roses)
  • Can be used with standard, special and container drills
  • Flexible arrangement of the conveyor belt for adaptation to different working environments
  • Compatible with all popular automation and transplanting systems
  • High safety standard (e.g. 3 emergency OFF switches)

For more information about Mayer’s TM-2432 Potting Machine, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us.

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