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Basic Tray Washer


The Unifortes Basic Tray Washer is a simple standalone tray washer, suitable for cleaning a wide variety of trays. Its unique design makes the machine compact and easy to use in almost every situation. With a limited weight of 330 lbs | 150 kg, it is easily moved around the working space.

The washer is easy to operate and perfect for smaller operations which require low to medium washing capacities.


  • Optionally delivered with a high-pressure piston pump (7.5kW producing 100 bar or 11kW producing 150 bar)
  • Spraying system can also be driven by a mobile high-pressure cleaner which has a minimal output of 9.5 gallons/min | 36 litres/min.


  • 39″ | 1m wash tunnel
  • 79″ | 2m total length
  • Main wash section
  • Rotating and fixed spraying nozzles
  • For tray sizes up to 15.7″ | 400mm high and 5.9″ | 150mm thick/wide
  • Up to 200 trays per hour


For more information about the Unifortes Basic Tray Washer, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us.

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