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Basic Tunnel Washing Machine



The Unifortes Basic Tunnel Washing Machine is part of the “Basic” series is specially designed to offer some of the key features of the “industrial” series at a lower capacity and for smaller budgets. The tunnel washing machine is suitable for washing and rinsing crates, trays, and boxes in a wide range of sectors. It consists of a washing section and a rinsing section. Due to its smart design, it will be available in a wide range of varieties. Through its compact design, the washing machine is suitable to wash capacities up to 100 product/h. The machine is customized according to the specific product that needs to be washed, based on standard A-brand components. This guarantees a versatile machine with the optimal cleaning result. 

Hygienic construction 

The machine is fully constructed out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It features an open design with hatches on both sides that you can remove for thorough cleaning. When the machine is off, the hatch can be opened and the filter can be removed for cleaning the whole machine. 


To reduce operating costs the machine applies numerous features to minimize water- and power consumption. The washing water is collected, filtered, and reused to minimalize usage of water, chemicals, and heating energy. 

Safety precautions 

Both man and machine safety are an important issue for Unifortes. All Unifortes machines are built according to the CE guidelines. All critical elements are shielded by the proper safety measure. The machine has an emergency stop and a lock on the main hatches. 


There is a range of options available to extend the functionality of the machine. These options include heat exchangers or steam heating systems for the tank. Other possible options are for instance extended in- and outfeed tables. The Bellpark team is happy to advise you on how to get the best machine for your application. The available options are: 

  • Extended in,- and out-feed tables (non-driven) 
  • Adjustable transport speed
  • One man operation
  • Hot water heat exchanger or steam injection
  • Chemical dosing unit on the rinsing

Technical specifications 

All specifications are based on E2 crates, specifications can deviate with a different type of crate

General data 

Capacity  Up to 100 crates/h 
Width variation  300 mm to 600 mm 
Height variation  50 mm to 240 mm 
Transport height  900 mm 
Material  AISI 304 


Electrical data

Voltage  400V 3ph + 0 + N 60Hz 
Total power consumption  16 kW (3ph 32A connection with 1x12kW element) 


Technical data 

Pump washing section  3 kW stainless steel centrifugal pump including Sic-Sic Seal for abrasive pollution 

450 liter/min at 2,5 bar 

Spray system  3 seamless bended spraylines around transport system with flat pattern spray nozzles 
Heating system washing section  12 kW (1x 12kW electrical heating elements) 
Washing temperature  Adjustable via a thermostat in control panel 
Tank volume  250 liters 
Main filter  Stainless steel perforated plate, 1.5 mm opening 
Connection water supply  2x 0,5” 
Connection water drainage system  1x 1,5” 
Rinse system  Seamless bended spraylines around transport system with flat pattern spray nozzles 
Rinse water consumption  100 litre/h 


Transport system data 

Transport type  Single AISI 316 chain with carriers 
Transport motor power  0.18 kW 
Transport motor type  IP66 certified motor and transmission 

Special coating for extra protection against water and chemicals 

Side guides  Manual adjustable side guides 
Top guides  Manual adjustable top guides 


Size and weight 

Length  1.500 mm (excluding in,- and outfeed table’s) 
Width  900 mm 
Height  1.400 mm 
Weight  500 kg 


For more information on the Unifortes Basic Tunnel Washing Machine, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.