Visser Versa Tray Filler

Visser Versa Tray Filler


This version of the Versa Filler has been specialized to fill plug trays with a high soil compaction and uniformity for optimal plant growth.

Filling with uniformity and high soil compaction

The new filler incorporates special rubber drums and a needle compression unit to achieve perfect soil compaction in the trays. Individual springed needles press and mix the substrate evenly in each individual tray cell. This creates a unique compact and uniform filling for each plug. The spiral rotating brushes pull any additional excess soil from the center outwards before entering the cleaning cabin. With 600 trays per hour, this machine is your ideal partner for young plant production.

Innovative soil return system

The cleaning cabin features a driven roller conveyor which allow excess soil to fall through to the soil return system plus a series of 10 adjustable air nozzles to provide the cleanest results possible. Once it falls into the system the soil is carried to the bottom of the soil return elevator. Then the soil return elevator returns all excess soil back to the hopper that is positioned on top of the filling machine.


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Benefits of the Versa Tray Filler:

  • Highly uniform filling
  • Extremely high soil compaction
  • Innovative soil return system


Features of the Versa Tray Filler:

  • 5 substrate compressing processes
    • Rubber compression roller
    • Needle compression plate unit: individual needles press and mix the substrate evenly in each individual tray cell.
    • Rubber Compression roller
    • 1st Spiral rotating brush
    • 2nd Spiral rotating brush
  • 10 air nozzles for soil removal
  • 1.96 cubic yards (1500 litre) capacity hopper
  • All internal components adjustable in height and interchangeable
  • Improved soil elevator: less noise, less wear, less tear
  • Manual adjustable soil flow and manual adjustable speed control by motor

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