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The AutoStix 3G is a scaled-down version of the successful AutoStix automatic cutting sticking machine. Equipped with 3 grippers instead of the traditional 6 grippers making it is half the size of the flagship model.


The AutoStix 3G is designed for smaller growers and operates the same as the original AutoStix. It can run multiple colors, small end of batch functions and complete runs. The AutoStix 3G strips are also available in 51 or 34 cuttings and can stick an impressive 5500 cuttings per hour.
The system can transplant larger leafy plants without damage to the foliage as the cutting device does not touch the leaves.


The AutoStix 3G System has several in-feeds for the strips to maintain even greater efficiency, especially when switching in-between different runs. Cuttings can be placed directly into the strips or can be pre-stuck and purchased from any one of the largest cutting producers in the industry. The strips are biodegradable and will naturally dissolve into the soil within 3-4 months after planting. They can accommodate cuttings with various stem diameters and are designed to avoid damage to the soft tissue of the plant.

Just like the original AutoStix, the AutoStix 3G is a time and labor saver which provides optimal uniformity with each plant being planted at the exact same depth. This is the perfect solution for small to medium growers.

How will AutoStix improve your process?

Peak seasons

AutoStix helps you to get the job done in the 10-12 weeks during peak season when millions of cuttings need to get stuck.


The strip makes counting cuttings easier. Workers can immediately see that they’ve got 34 or 51 cuttings in a strip. No short or overfilled bags.


With an AutoStix system uniformity is made simple starting with an easy visual check during the loading of the strip. Next, the strips are planted at the exact same depth, enhancing the uniform growth of your cuttings.


By simply positioning the strips in water upon arrival the strips can be stored for a specific period of time. This helps break the transplanting peaks at the grower.


With an AutoStix machine the challenge of finding and training employees to stick cuttings is greatly reduced, especially when seasonal staff is difficult to find.


For more information about the AutoStix 3G, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

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