Visser Blueline Transplanter

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Blueline Transplanter


Visser Blueline Transplanter

The Blueline Transplanter is perfect for smaller operations and can run up to 10,000 plants per hour.

The Blueline is equipped with the newly developed Visser grippers. This compact transplanter is specially designed with key features such as servo-controlled grippers and a dedicated software, which gives high flexibility in combination with a high capacity.

The Blueline is extremely flexible in that it can handle processing trays both long side leading and short side leading.

The Siemens touch screen provides a very user-friendly interface, in which almost every planting combination can be programmed on-site in which no mechanical adjustments are required. Its unique design makes the machine compact and easy to use in almost every situation.

Upgrade options are available for alternative source trays as well as a higher capacity.

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