Visser Blueline Transplanter

Blueline Transplanter


The Blueline Transplanter is perfect for smaller operations and can run up to 10,000 plants per hour. This compact transplanter is specially designed with key features such as servo-controlled grippers and a dedicated software, which gives high flexibility in combination with a high capacity.

The Blueline can handle processing trays both long side leading and short side leading.

The Siemens touch screen provides a very user-friendly interface, in which almost every planting combination can be programmed on-site without any mechanical adjustments needed. Its unique design makes the machine compact and easy to use in almost every situation.

Upgrade options are available for your unique needs and include alternative source trays as well as a higher capacity.


  • Available with 4 – 8 grippers, depending on your capacity wishes.
  • Featured with new smaller Visser grippers, up to 1,250 planting cycler per gripper per hour.
  • Each gripper is driven by individually controlled servo technology.
  • By using sideshift during pick up the plants are being approached from the side, which leads to a minimum plant damage.
  • User friendly Siemens touch screen.
  • Simple programming features enable the operator to enter new planting combinations.
  • No mechanical changes required.
  • All planting combinations are possible including multiple plants per cell/pot/basket.
  • Suitable for cell trays, end packs and pots in carrying trays.
  • Up to 100 planting combinations can be stored and selected from the simple on screen menu in seconds.
  • Easily integrated in new or existing production systems.
  • Processing trays both long side leading and short side leading.
  • Tray holders on source side by an air cylinder.


Dimensions L x W x H: 2,550 x 2,150 x 1,900mm
Number of grippers 4-8
Number of trays in buffer 2
Destination belt 700mm wide
Source belt 700mm wide
Total number of planting combinations
that can be stored in the program
Capacity guidelines Up to 1.250 plants/gripper/hour depending on the type of trays
and type of plants

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