Visser FF Filler

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FF Filler


The Visser FF filler is a unique batch filler. By using a template that matches the tray format, the soil ends up in the pot or the cell of the tray. The filling result is therefore nice and clean. No soil is spilled in the progress.

The trays are collected on a conveyor belt which is being pushed upwards to the template to avoid any spillage. An integrated brush, which is mounted at the filling head cleans the top of the pot. By changing the number of filling cycles, the soil compactness can easily be changed.


Benefits of the FF Filler:

  • Clean filling result
  • No soil waste
  • Maximum Capacity of 1620 trays/hour
  • Easy to change soil compactness
  • Easy to change to a different tray size by changing the template.
  • Easily integrated into new or existing production systems.


For more information about Visser’s FF Filler, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.