Visser Granudine Pot Seeder

Visser NA

Granudine Pot Seeder


The Granudine pot seeder is excellent at seeding naked seeds equally in larger amounts, with a high capacity. Seed species, such as Alyssum, Lobelia, different kind of annuals and herbs are easy to process with the Granudine.

The seeder is equipped with a seed hopper, tube divider and seeding plate. The quick changeable tube divider guarantees a short and easy change over to another pot size. The seeds are equally divided in the pot via dosing pots. The variety in the amount of seeds is obtained by changing the seeding plate with a model with a different size hole.


  • Equal Dividing
  • Quick Changeover

The Granudine pot seeder is available for a low capacity requirement and it is easy to expand the seeder to a higher capacity.

For more information about the Granudine pot seeder, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us.