Visser – Manual Sticking Line

Visser NA

Manual Sticking Line


The Visser Manual sticking line can be a single or dual layer, built to each individual grower’s needs. The line can feature from 4 to 30+ working station positions. The destination trays are supplied by the top conveyor. Each person has clear access to the tray in front of them above their adjustable workstation. The supply of trays is fed by a continuous conveyor system so that the maximum plant capacity can be achieved. Many options are available including variety tracking, labour performance tracking all using barcodes or RFID. The information can be displayed on the line or sent to a PC in the office connected via the VLC (Visser Logistics Control) software.

After planting, each employee can stick a barcode variety label and/or an employee ID tag in the tray. When the trays are pushed forward off their workstation they are brought to the end of the line where they pass through a scanning tunnel. Each barcode or label is scanned at the same time and the information is collected. Labels can show specific information such as plant type, date, employee etc. An optional watering tunnel, loading system. or sorting system can be placed after the scanning tunnel depending on each customer’s needs.