Visser – Mechanical Plate Seeder

Visser NA

Mechanical Plate Seeder


Visser’s Mechanical Plate Seeder can process both coated, pelleted and round seeds such as cabbage. Dibbled trays are fed underneath the seeder which precisely drops seeds from the seed hopper into the pots. The seed is released in the upper position of the sowing plate. The sowing plate is simple and is easily changeable. The seed type determines the width and the hole diameter of the sowing plate. As an option a vibrator can be mounted under the sowing plate to get a better result in releasing more difficult seeds.


Benefits of the Mechanical Plate Seeder:

  • Can seed up to 4 seeds per cell
  • Accurate results
  • Increases planting efficiency
  • Capacity with 1 head seeder and 28 cell tray is 200 trays per hour
  • Capacity with 3 head seeder and 72 cell tray is 400 trays per hour


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