Visser Multi-Planter Transplanter

Multi-Planter Transplanter


Equipped with 12 grippers, the Visser Multi Planter is extremely accurate and can plant up to 4 plants in a fixed position within a pot. This machine is designed to plant directly on the carrousel of a Mayer Potting Machine and can reach up to 7000 plants per hour.

The Visser Multi Planter is available with a range from 6 to 12 grippers that have XY movement capability, moving completely independent of each other. This provides ultimate flexibility in transplanting combinations and achieving high capacities. The Multi-planter can handle up to 4000 pots per hour when transplanting 3 plants per pot.

The Multi-planter features, the newest Visser gripper; its improved strength, precision, and durability, guarantee a perfect planting result. 

The Multi-planter can be built with several different kinds of infeed and outfeed options. Tray-to-tray transplanting is possible when the machine is equipped with two source chain conveyors. As a new feature, the chain conveyor side guiding is now easily adjustable via a rotating handle, making changing tray sizes quick and easy. 

The Visser Multi Planter was designed for growers that require a wide range of transplanting programs. Almost every combination can be programmed, using a state-of-the-art Siemens touch screen and controls which can store up to 100 plant combinations.

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