Visser Nursery Wagon Loader

Visser NA

Nursery Wagon Loader


Visser’s Nursery Wagon Loader instantly saves labor by automatically loading pots or trays onto your nursery wagons and trailers.  The system easily integrates onto any existing potting line.  The system can load pot tight or space, offset, and is programmable for different sizes. 

Frequency controlled conveyors transport the pots along the line and onto the wagon loader conveyor.  As the pots arrive, the sensors on the cart loader conveyor allow the pots to enter one at a time and are positioned into a perfect row whether spaced or pot tight. 

Once the pots are in place a template spacer arm pushes the pots down a ramp with a slight decline onto the nursery wagon; perfectly aligned, offset, and spaced with the previous row.  

Quick changes are done for different pot or tray sizes by selecting a new program and changing the quick change pusher arm template. 

As each wagon is loaded it advances forward row by row with an empty wagon moving into loading position from the train of connected carts following behind.

Just like other Bellpark Horticulture automation solutions, the Visser Nursery Wagon Loader is a high quality,  reliable labor-saving solution build for the nursery industry.   A competitive price will provide a quick return on investment for growers.

The Nursery Wagon Loader works seamlessly with the Visser/Toyota Vitoy forklift truck and pot spacing system.

*Also works with trays and any size of pot.


Technical Drawing

Visser Wagon Loader

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