Visser Quick Filler


Visser Quick Filler

Filling is a vital step in the growth of your plants;

ensure that your trays are all filled to a

uniform level with the Visser Quick Filler.


The next generation in speed and accuracy is here with the Visser Quick Filler!

The Visser Quick Filler utilizes a speed adjustable conveyer belt to transfer soil from the hopper to the elevator, which then loads the filling head. Rubber flaps affixed to a rotor inside the filling head propel the soil into the trays; this is the vital element that makes this machine truly incredible – resulting in a consistently uniform filled tray every time.

Height and speed are adjustable to account for various soil densities. Reuse your valuable soil with the optional mounted recycling unit.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Uniform filling
  • Fills 600-700 trays an hour
  • Speed and height adjustable
  • Possibility to fill higher products (up to 300 mm)
  • Soil elevator can be opened for easier servicing
  • Soil can be saved and reused with the optional soil recycling system

Available Options:

  • 1000 litre hopper
  • Soil recycling system
  • PTD Destacker (destacker for vacuum moulded nested trays, on conveyor belt)
  • EPS Destacker (destacker for trays with flat upper and lower sides, on conveyor belt)
  • PEPS Destacker (destacker for styrofoam of hard plastic trays with legs, on conveyor belt)

Product Specifications:

  • Hopper capacity: 650 litres
  • Minimum tray width: 100 mm
  • Maximum tray width: 440 mm

For more information on the Visser Quick Filler, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.