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Visser Shipping System

Shipping your product is the final step before it reaches the customer. Inaccuracies with order picking, labor costs, and getting orders out the door on time are only a few of the challenges growers face day to day. Visser has the experience and knowhow to design a shipping system catered to each grower’s needs.

Tracking & Tracing your product:

Barcodes, QR codes, or a virtual label. Visser is capable or sorting products using several methods to sort your products and get the orders right.

Speed & Accuracy:

500-5000 trays or boxes per hour Visser can design and build a system that can get the sorting and shipping done on time and keep orders accurate.

Service and support

Visser designs, engineers and builds everything in-house. When issues come up our own technicians and programmers can solve it quickly to get you back up and running.

A Visser Shipping System is the answer to your shipping challenges. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

Technical Drawing

Visser - Shipping System

For more information about the Visser Shipping System, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.


Powered by Viscon Logistics Control (VLC)

Viscon Logistics Control (VLC) provides all the required functionality to manage your material handling processes. VLC prioritizes appointed products, ensures traceability and will control your shipping and sorting. It can also collect, manage and store the data coming from the material handling processes for re-use or track & trace purposes.

Fully integrated

VLC software can support your logistics from A to Z as a standalone package, but can also seamlessly integrate your logistics into your ERP system. The development and maintenance of Viscon Logistics Control is done by Visser’s own in-house team of dedicated professionals, therefore the system can be customized to customers needs. This is a true advantage to the customer when both mechanics and software can be designed and integrated by one supplier. This unique combination decreases matching risks and ensures a seamless working system according to your needs. Moreover, it shortens the total implementation time and costs of the project.

Possibilities with the Visser Shipping & Sorting Systems:

  • Fully automatic unloading of pots or trays into the system
  • Custom mechanical solutions for existing trailers, wagons or shipping trollies.
  • Automated movement of trollies, wagons or racks
  • Tracking and tracing of products
  • Custom report generating
  • Handheld product scanning integration
  • Current shipping status reports displayed live on screens or remote access
  • Plant watering customized per product
  • Sorting by product, customer, store #, load # etc…
  • RFID sorting, tracking / tracing
  • Fully automatic loading onto racks, pallets or shipping trollies.
  • Daily status reports, multiple shipments in one day
  • and many more…

Shipping / Sorting Control Software

VLC Software is an integral part of our shipping/sorting systems and other logistical processes. With our VLC system you have access to all current (and historical) shipping data including current volume, completed orders, missing products, and other production information and efficiency reports.

Standard function of the VLC system are:

  • Visualization of the systems
  • Tracking & tracing
  • RFID / barcode integration
  • ERP system integration
  • Remote shipping data access
  • User friendly HMI
  • Various shipping and sorting status applications
  • Automated error handling
  • Maintenance settings
  • Pre-sorting of shipments before products arrive
  • Optimization of product sorting in system
  • and many more…

Advantages of the Visser Shipping & Sorting Systems:

  • Tracking and tracing of products being pulled
  • Systems designed for horticultural products
  • Hardware and Software developed and supported by one company
  • Remote system support
  • Reliability of a Visser system backed by service and support from Bellpark (Visser NA)
  • Different sizes of trays or pots can run through the same system
  • Error management and reporting
  • Simple, easy to use HMI
  • Reporting of missing products
  • Reporting of order completion and timing
  • Reduce shipping labour
  • Ensure complete and correct order fulfillment
  • Reduce shipping errors
  • Reduce the need for product knowledge by staff
  • Reduction of human error
  • Customized for each grower’s needs
  • and many more…