Visser Spacing Fork

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Visser Spacing Fork


Visser Vitoy with Pot Spacing Machine is the Ultimate Pot Spacing System.

The Visser Spacing Fork is used for spacing pots from a high-density configuration to a low density. For spacing, the pots are placed in a staggered pattern in the fork. When spacing, the chains of the fork will run forward while driving backwards with the Visser Vitoy. The requested distance between the pots will be set at the control box, which is mounted on the Vitoy. With these settings, the speed of the chains is adjusted to the speed of the forklift, independent of each other.

The rows of pots are extracted from one another and the programed spacing between the pots is created.


  • Well known quality and reliability.
  • Available in Diesel, Propane & Electric.
  • Tight turning radius, even on ground cover or gravel.
  • Offers the best in driver ergonomics.
  • Designed for maximum safety.
  • Great for transporting and spacing pots on soft surfaces.
  • Proven quality, sustainability & reliability guarantee a quick return on investment.

Visser Pot Spacing System

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