Visser Speed Rouline Seeder

Visser NA

Visser Speed Rouline Seeder


The Visser Speed Rouline Seeder is a drum seeder mounted on a conveyor belt that can be programmed with a digital programmable display. The seed is distributed by a rotating seeding drum which holds the seeds using a vacuum system. On the outside surface of the drum, different rows of nozzles are placed.

The seeds pass through a blow-off bar which blows away double seeds from the seeding nozzles. At the lowest point of the sowing drum, the vacuum is released, and the seeds drop perfectly into each cell. After seeding is completed, the nozzles are cleaned by the vacuum reversing and blowing air through the nozzles.

High capacity seeding can be achieved by synchronizing the speed of the sowing drum and the speed of the conveyor belt.

Visser Speed Rouline Seeder Benefits

  • High capacity
  • Precise
  • Simple seed changeover
  • High-speed seeding


  • Dibbling unit
  • Pro kit, used to store extra settings in the memory
  • Seeding dispenser, used for larger batches. The seed dispenser will feed the hopper with seeds to reduce labor
  • Extra seeding drum with a nozzle for different tray sizes
  • Maintenance kit

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