Visser Spray-O-Matic Automatic Spraying System

Visser Spray-O-Matic


Fully automatic spraying for your crops!

The Visser Spray-O-Matic is a fully automated spraying system for your crops. This unit is battery-driven and equipped with a clean water tank, spraying boom, dosing unit, and control panel. The transport trolley automatically switches the unit between bays, and due to the battery – hoses and cables are not required.

This system is the most economic and versatile option for spraying your crops; it also has the added advantage of a low water consumption rate benefiting from its unique spray nozzles. The Spray-O-Matic is also available in a semi-automatic configuration (which does require the transport trolley to be manually switched between bays).

For more information on the Visser Spray-O-Matic, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.