Visser TIFS-IV Replugger

Visser NA



Visser designed a new replugger with unparalleled speed. The new applied technology provides each gripper with individually controlled movements. This enables the system to create the smartest and quickest combinations: up to 12,000 plants per hour!

The TIFS-IV plug fixer is equipped with two high resolution cameras used to determine the position of the plants that need to be removed and the plants that are used to fill the plug trays up to 100% viable young plants.

The servo driven Visser grippers gives a high flexibility in removing the bad plugs and fixing the empty cells. The well known Visser grippers guarantee a perfect planting result.
The new Siemens touch screen provides you with a very user friendly interface, in which almost every planting combination can be programmed.

For more information about Visser’s TIFS IV, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.