Visser VVF Versa Filler – Pots & Baskets

VVF – Versa Filler – Pots & Baskets


The Versa Filler is a highly versatile filler and is of the newest Visser fillers available. It has a clearance of 400mm (19.68in) and 600mm(23.62in) which allows it to fill a wide range of carriers including packs, pots in trays or even hanging baskets. It is also possible to fill long-side leading which in turn increases the capacity.

High Capacity Filling

The Versa Filler features a capacity of 317 gallons (1200 liters) in its hopper, located over the transport conveyor. This saves space and makes it convenient for overhead feed systems.

Various Adjustable components allow you to achieve the fill you require: First there is a V-plough which spreads the soil evenly. Next, a compression roller helps push the soil into the pots, and a driven drum aids in compaction and gives an initial cleaning of excess soil. Finally, the spiral rotating brush pulls any additional excess soil from the center outwards before entering the cleaning cabin.

Effective Soil Return System

When the carriers enter the cleaning cabin they are carried by a driven roller conveyor which allows excess soil to fall through the soil return system. They are also met by a series of 10 adjustable air nozzles to provide the cleanest results. When excess soil falls into the return system it is carried to the bottom of the soil return elevator, which then returns the excess soil back to the hopper.


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