Visser VTF Template Filler

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VTF Template Filler


The Visser VTF Template Filler is a unique template-based filling machine which gives you a nice and clean filling result. By using a template that matches the tray format, the soil ends up in the pot or the cell of the tray. There is no soil spillage during the filling process.

The trays are collected on a conveyor belt which is pushed upwards to the template to avoid any spillage. An integrated brush, which is mounted on the filling head cleans the top of the pot. By changing the number of filling cycles the soil compactness can easily be changed.


Advantages of the VTF Template Filler:

  • Clean filling
  • No wasting of soil
  • Capacity of 750 trays/hour
  • Easy adjustments for soil compactness
  • By changing the template it is very easy to change to a different tray size
  • Easily integrated into a new or existing production system


For more information about the VTF Template Filler, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Dimensions L x W x H2,800 x 1,640 x 2,200 mm
Maximum template dimensions950 x 600 x 200 mm
Total air consumption150 litres per minute
Total kVA6,9 kVA
Content soil hopper1000 litres
Capacity guidelinesOutput of 750 trays (based on a tray of 540 x 310mm LSL) per hour can be achieved, depending on tray size, soil compactness and lling machine length