Visser XL Drum Seeder

Visser NA

XL Drum Seeder


The XL Drum Seeder is a fully automatic drum seeder capable of a high capacity 800-1,000 trays per hour. All settings, whether per tray or seed type are stored in the computer. The amount of vacuum required by the seeding drum and all additional settings are continuously monitored and controlled for optimum seeding results. The touchscreen interface can display all settings and can be programmed and saved by the operator. The system is very easy to use and requires only one touch between settings. The number of programs that can be saved in the computer is unlimited by using a USB stick.


With a special drum as an added option, this machine can handle even the most difficult seeds, such as Marigold (Tagetes) and can be sown at a high accuracy of 99%


Benefits of the XL Drum Seeder

  • High Precision
  • Easy Change Over
  • High Capacity


  • Driven dibbler drum with motorised brush.
  • Seed dispenser. Used for large seeds. The seed dispenser will feed the seed hopper with seeds to keep a constant level of seed in the seed hopper which gives a better result.
  • Extra seeding drum with different nozzle size or for a different tray size.
  • Separation comb to avoid double seeds.


For more information about Visser’s XL Drum Seeder, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.