Automation Solutions leader Bellpark Horticulture acquired by AdeptAg

Oberlin, OH (October 2022) – AdeptAg, the North American leader in controlled environment production solutions, announced the acquisition of Bellpark Horticulture. With the addition of Bellpark, AdeptAg expands its product offerings, sales and support further into the automated horticulture systems industry. Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Bellpark has been a leader in horticulture automation…


The Automation Difference

The Automation Difference   Deciding on automating your growing facility can be a big decision – but it is a decision that will end up being a huge time, money, and labor saver. In this “Let’s Talk About” we are going to showcase two Success Stories of our own customers who decided to automate.  …

AutoStix Strip

Let’s Talk About AutoStix

  As all growers know, sticking cuttings is a time consuming and labor intensive process. With labor shortages and rising wages this process can become costly for growers. Visser has developed an innovative sticking system, AutoStix™ which automates the process of sticking cuttings. The AutoStix™ system was developed over several years in co-operation with Ball…

Logitec Plus - Soil & Media Processing

Let’s Talk About – Soil & Media Processing

Let’s Talk About – Soil & Media Processing – Every grower knows just how important soil is to the growing process. Getting things just right is essential. Soil processing can be hard, messy, laborious, and time consuming.

In today’s industry, competitive growers understand that using soil processing equipment has growing benefits like cost/labor savings, custom blending, better product quality, uniformity and a increased yield.