Dehumidification units

Dehumidification units transform any operation into a semi-closed system

From Hortidaily: Original Story Link Closed and more recently, semi-closed greenhouse growing are much discussed new ways of cultivating as efficient as possible. While, depending on the location and application the system has a lot of major advantages over traditional greenhouse growing in terms of energy saving and crop enhancement, the high investment is sometimes…

Visser Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter

Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter

Pic-O-Mat Vision Transplanter Visser has developed a new transplanter named the Pic-O-Mat Vision. The Pic-O-Mat Vision is capable of transplanting a destination pack, even when the source trays do not contain 100% perfect plants. It is equipped with a new type of gripper which is capable of digitally imaging the plant while it is held…