Bellpark Vertical Farming Solutions

With agricultural land becoming more limited and water shortages increasing, Vertical Farming is becoming the future of vegetable production.

Bellpark Horticulture has the project experience and the Vertical/Indoor Farming Solutions that you need for your growing operation. Whether you are just starting out or have an existing facility, our Bellpark Pros can help you with any process whether it be sales, parts, or service.

Vertical Farming




Table Systems, Multi-Level & Automation Systems

KG Systems Table PromoTable Systems Vertical Farming

Greenhouse Table Systems

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With over 20 years in the horticulture industry, KG Systems is one of the leading providers of custom greenhouse table systems, grow tables, & internal transport systems. With over 2000 projects in over 45 nations, KG Systems has the experience and the knowledge that you can trust for your next project!

Humidity Control

DryGair Greenhouse Dehumidification

DryGair Greenhouse Dehumidifier


Horticulture Humidity Control Solution

DryGair is the most efficient, effective & proven horticultural dehumidification solution on the market.

Washing Solutions

Unifortes SanitizerUnifortes Sanitizer

Unifortes Sanitizer

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Stand Alone Sanitizing Solution

The all NEW Unifortes sanitizing is a stand-alone sanitizing solution that can be mounted over existing belts or can be supplied with belts.

The Sanitizing tunnel will dose your sanitizer and spray into any item or product that fits on your belt.

An effective but simple solution to quickly sanitize multiple items in your operation.

A cost-effective high-quality machine from Unifortes available only through Bellpark in North America.

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