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Service first is how we started. Provide proper service for your customers and the sales will come. Bellpark has worked by this principle for over 20 years guided by experience and know-how in the horticulture industry since 1978.

In 2022, Bellpark Horticulture was acquired by AdeptAg, the North American leader in controlled environment production solutions.

As a member of the AdeptAg team, Bellpark Horticulture is a trusted name for Horticultural Automation Solutions. Providing automation solutions and service for the horticulture industry from the industry’s top suppliers to the North American market and beyond. Working exclusively with Visser Horti Systems, Logitec Plus, Mayer, DryGair, Unifortes, KG Systems, and others to provide growers with the solutions they need to be successful in their business. Whether it’s a single part,  a single machine, or a complete turn-key project, Bellpark has the experience and know-how to get the right solution needed for a grower and get the project done right.

Our sales and project consultants provide the expertise growers need to find the solutions that work for their business. This is backed by our dedicated service team who support our customers through their season and whenever they need assistance.

Please contact Bellpark to find the automation solution for your growing business.