Visser Semi-Automatic Irrigation and Spraying System Irrispray Semi C

Visser NA

Irrispray Semi C


The Irrispray Semi C is a semi-automatic spraying boom capable of running a pre-set program once positioned in the desired bay. The system consists of a driving unit that can drive over one or two pipes in the bay. Due to the semi-automatic nature of the system transportation from bay to bay is a manual process completed through a provided transport trolley. The transport trolley drives on two pipes over a central pathway. It is equipped with four sets of wheels in a V-shape which ensures easy transfer and transportation. By use of a manual turning device, the gantry can be turned 180 degrees while the trolley remains in its position.

The Irrispray Semi C is equipped with a Dosatron water driven dosing pump which allows you to dose pesticides in your greenhouse with accuracy and efficiency. It is also equipped with an electrically driven mixer and a plastic tank.


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