Visser Twin Filler

Twin Filler


The high-capacity Visser Twin Filler is highly adjustable for different tray dimensions and can fill plug trays, flats as well as pots in carriers. It achieves high capacity through its double rotor which is excellent at achieving greater capacities at a high level of consistency and uniformity.


Soil Efficient

The Visser Twin Filler has efficient soil use through its ability to recycle extra soil that comes off the trays after they are brushed and is returned to the soil hopper for reuse. The hopper has a 1.3 cubic yard  (994 liters) capacity.  It is suitable for trays with maximum dimensions L x W x H = 600 x 400 x 200 mm. The maximum capacity is approximately 500-1200 trays per hour, depending on tray size and density of filling.


The speed of the rotors and belt is adjustable by a frequency controller. After filling the trays are brushed, for a clean and uniform result. The waste material will be reused via the soil elevator, through which the Twin filler produces a minimum of excess soil.


For more information on the Visser Twin Filler, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.


  1. Fills plug trays, flats, and pots in carriers.
  2. Adjustable for different tray dimensions.
  3. Adjustable rotor and belt speed.
  4. Clean operation achieved through Brush-unit on output side.
  5. Optional tray destackers available.
  6. Hopper volume of 1.3 cubic yards (994 litres)
  7. Both left-handed and right-handed model available

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