Visser Vitoy

“Best Nursery Forklift On The Market”


The Visser Spacing Machine (VSM) is specialized for internal transport in horticulture and nursery settings. This forklift has various customization options open to fit your unique needs. Servicing your VSM is easy and hassle-free. The high-level benefits of VSM ownership are the unique design, comfort, safety, functionality, and durability.

Available in two types:

  • 3 wheels (Trike), both diesel and LPG
  • 4 wheels, both diesel and LPG

Various customization options:

  • Well known quality and reliability
  • Available in Diesel, Propane & Electric
  • Tight turning radius, even on ground cover or gravel
  • Offers the best in driver ergonomics
  • Designed for maximum safety
  • Great for transporting and spacing pots on soft surfaces
  • Proven quality, sustainability, and reliability guarantee a quick return on investment.

Visser Vitoy

Vitoy Pot Spacing System

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