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VWS Watering Irrigation System


With the VWS Watering Irrigation System, Visser NA and Damatex Control Systems join forces to produce the ultimate irrigation boom. The VWS (Visser World Standard) is a fully automatic watering system which features a fixed watering boom in each bay of your greenhouse. The system is specifically suitable for misting or watering a single house. This means that it is of considerable use in the case of growing seeds and young plants, which require frequent watering. The system uses a proven horizontal hose guiding system for even and precise watering.

On the VWS Watering Irrigation System the watering boom travels along two round overhead rails producing an ultra stable ride throughout the full length of the greenhouse. This design enables the boom to deliver an equal and uniform amount of water as required by the crops. The movement of the boom is accomplished via a wire cable pulley system and a fixed position motor. The traction cables are pre-stretched and galvanized to avoid breaking. This approach prevents any possible slippage.

The weight of the boom and water supply hose is well distributed over the entire length of the rails keeping the head stable and on the tracks. The height of the boom is also adjustable.

The position of the boom is detected from a rotary encoder allowing zone configuration (teaching) on the fly.

The boom comes with a very sophisticated irrigation software provided by Damatex Control Systems. In automatic mode, the system uses light integration, climate conditions or a soil moisture sensor to trigger an irrigation cycle. A semi-automatic mode can also be selected using a fixed time and boom speed.


For more information about the VWS Watering Irrigation System, please speak with your Bellpark Horticulture sales representative or contact us here.

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